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Living In The Fullness of What God Has

Inside, where no one can see, there is a gentle, caring, tender soul. Freddy has a soft spot for animals and yet is intimidated by power tools. On the outside, where the world can see, Freddy can at times appear to be wound too tight and ready to explode.

Freddy is not a person with multiple personalities. Freddy just feels that he cannot be transparent about who he really is and survive in the culture of which he is a part. Burdened with what might be considered PTSD from a dysfunctional family environment Freddy is always, mentally, in defense mode.

I have experienced both the inside and outside of Freddy over the years and have come to appreciate this very delicate creation of God, the God that Freddy openly acknowledges as the one to whom he gives thanks for watching over him on a daily basis.

My desire for Freddy is that God would begin a transforming work in his life, a work that Romans 12:2 refers to as a change in the mental picture he has of himself, allowing him to live in the fullness of the life that God has in mind for him.

Please take 30 seconds over the next 30 days to support Freddy in prayer, for Holy Spirit to calm his spirit and listen for that “gentle whisper” of God’s voice (1 Kings 19:11,12) that comes in the quiet times after the storms of life.

-Staff, Lloyd

This story is part of A Special Series this month in honour of OIM’s 30th Anniversary. We hope to raise awareness, challenge misconceptions, and honestly reflect the lives of those who call the streets their home. As you reflect on these stories, please take a moment to PRAY EACH DAY – just 30 seconds – for our ministry’s needs including a permanent location for our OIM Office as of Aug 1 .

Thanks and God Bless.

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