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Mavis’ Story – Assistance (Episode 3 of 9)

Following is Mavis’ story (not her real name), one of courage and determination in the face of overwhelming obstacles and challenges.

You can hear Mavis tell her story on Family Radio CHRI 99.1 FM, each week day just after station identification at 8 am and 5 pm.

Parts of her story are messy, and always real, as is the wonderful lady who will find a special place in your heart.

Our Christmas story, here in Episode 3 we learn the hardships of poverty and how Mavis’ mom coped:

We were just scraping by, and mom was doing her best. Sometimes she borrowed money to buy food. She thought a pet would help me, so I wouldn’t be so lonely.

Once there was a cat at the pet store named Oscar, and he had extra toes. No-one wanted him. I thought he was so adorable. But he cost $100.

One day, my mother returned from the corner store and called me out of my room. I almost cried when she gave me Oscar - the cat with extra toes. That day, I had been brutally bullied at school and felt terrible.

Oscar was my support. I would play with him. He was my friend. He helped me with mental health. I miss Oscar. He was so cute.

People’s stories reveal layers and layers of pain and trouble, and they are searching for love, acceptance and belonging.

This Christmas, help us continue to reach out to those in need.

Please consider giving a Christmas gift to our Outreach programs.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Mavis’ story, coming soon.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support that allow us to continue to reach out to young people just like Mavis.

Merry Christmas!

~Ken – Executive Director

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