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OIM Youth Internship Program - A Good Start!

"Finally! I feel like my life is going somewhere!" This comment came from one of our Internship Program graduates this past year. Wow! It blew me away! After this young man had served time in jail, he feared that he would never be able to get a meaningful job again. But, through our Internship Program, we found him a part-time work placement where he performed so well that the owner of the business invited him to continue working after the internship had finished. What a boost in confidence! Confirmation that he can hold a job and do well at it! Finally, hope for his future!

We are excited to kick off our second round of internship planning this week! Thanks to a financial grant, we will be able to help other at-risk youth find entry-level, 8-week internship placements with local businesses - at no cost to the businesses! We match each youth with organizations that will give them experience in their field of interest, providing something to put on their resume, references and potential places of employment for down the road. One of the greatest barriers to youth employment is lack of experience, but these internship placements create a starting place that can grow into something much greater. It's a win-win-win relationship for all.

We covet your prayers for these young people, many of whom struggle with various anxieties, lack of confidence and self-doubt. We would also ask for your prayers for matching placements with employers who are compassionate and supportive, where the youth's interests and aspirations can be explored.

We look forward to reporting to you more success stories like the one I shared above. Thank you for your support!

~Kevin, Youth Internship Coordinator

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