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Ottawa Art Gallery Field Trip

Yesterday participants from our street youth art program went to the Ottawa Art Gallery.

We were given a tour and a workshop which was very interesting. While we were sitting in our session, I looked around the room, amazed at how gifted people really are. On one side there were pieces of art displayed around the gallery which got your mind thinking about so many different things: What was the artist thinking while painting a piece? How could a single painting – its colours, shapes and lines – take your imagination completely somewhere else just by observing it? Just take a look at the image below.  Any way you look at it, it tells a different story! Our tour guide, Dominique Boisvenue, also shared the history of the ‘Group of 7’ and how, through these talented artists, Canadian art came into its own.


It was such a wonderful education for our youth. They listened attentively, asking a lot of questions, and were truly excited to be there and learn about the way art can impact our society.

During this tour of amazing artistry, I also thought about how I was surrounded by 11 other gifted artists who attend our art program; artists who may not be internationally-known, but who are gifted individuals in their own right; artists who are just now beginning to find their voice and place in the world; artists whose perspectives impact our society, awakening us to issues of social justice as well as culture at large.

In just a few months the ‘Passion 4 Youth’ art program will be hosting its bi-annual Art show, where all of our youth (ages 16-24) and young adult artists (ages 23-32) will be showing their art. I encourage you to come and check out these amazing pieces from our local Ottawa artists!


Youth Outreach Worker



I just want to give a huge shout-out to Dominique for allowing us to come and give us a tour of the Ottawa Art Gallery. An amazing experience!

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