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Our Reality versus Their reality

 In this picture there are four images. We have the first three images that are beautiful sights in Ottawa; the river, statues and parks. Then on the bottom, which is also biggest image, is a tarp that is full of holes, up against a brick building (hiding) and has pieces of twine attached to blocks that are securing it.

The reality of “normal” people when they venture to the heart of Ottawa is to take pictures, go shopping, view the sights or even just enjoy their time in the beautiful downtown core.

Then you have the reality of “homeless” people. This is their home. For some it is a tarp over top of carts and pieces of wood with foam for a bed and others it may be on the street or in a shelter; this is their everyday.

Our situations in life do not define who we are as individuals but I think this is a mindset that a lot of people lack. When we see someone living on the streets many first reactions are to think “they are just lazy” or “why don’t they get a job.” These statements are very common amongst the people that are unfamiliar with homelessness and you know what, I have thought that too!

The reality of my life is; yes I do have a job and I am able to pay my bills but the reality of theirs is they may have once had all of these things also but something happened such as; drug addiction due to pressure, abuse in home, kicked out of home or traumatic situations took place. These are all reasons that a lot of people live with nothing and that is their reality. This is not something that defines them as a person but shows that maybe they need some help and a positive influence from those living a “normal” life!

Written by Samara

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