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Putting down Roots, Moving Forward in Faith

Since OIM was founded in 1988, operations have always been delivered from leased facilities. This was a good option as the organization began to deliver services, but over the last number of years it has proven to be a challenge.

Forced to move locations for a variety of reasons, it has left those on the street uncertain as to where to find help. Uncertainty around location has also made it difficult for OIM to make multi-year strategic plans to expand programming and scale existing services.

In September 2020, we were given notice that the leased location at 391 Gladstone was going to be put on the market. In what can only be described as a provision of God, OIM was presented the opportunity to purchase the property.

Just like the Israelites who had to step into the sea before the waters parted, the OIM Board of Directors acted in faith to secure the building in order to continue to love and serve the most vulnerable.

We are currently looking for partners who will help us put down deep and strong roots. These roots will enable us to confidently provide hope for our most vulnerable clients, both are now and into the future.

People who really believe in what we do will rise to the occasion and help youth and people of all ages, including veterans, receive the support and assistance they need to live to their fullest potential.

Your support to the cause of this building campaign will provide a refuge and support for today and for future generations. We have all learned over these past several years that life can turn on a dime. We have also learned that we are stronger together and we all can provide help and build potential in others.

For information about how to partner with us for this great cause, please contact us at 613-237-6031.

~Ken – Executive Director

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