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Reflective Art

When I started at OIM, I attended every activity that OIM offered so that I might learn for myself how each program was run. I admit, I loved each visit to the various programs. I viewed myself as someone just joining that program to see how they would feel. It was so much fun.

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of the art classes again. As I greeted each youth in attendance (this time I knew their names), I watched their faces light up knowing they would create something special that night. I watched one young lady paint an alien in a spaceship with stars around the craft. I watched another youth start a painting from the beginning. He showed me a picture of a lady sitting in a car that he was going to do. My jaw dropped! He showed me other pictures he had done in the past, such awe-inspiring amazing talent - and I’m understating things. I watched another youth paint a butterfly with so much precision. I felt I could just reach out and it would land on my hand.

I circled the room and chatted with each participant; the excitement was so contagious. As I watched each youth expressing a little of themselves in the art they were producing, I sat in awe of God’s talent being displayed. He gifted each of them in such special ways and the ability to look at a picture and draw it using nothing more than the eye as a guideline. Truly amazing! As for me, I can’t draw a straight line without the use of a ruler; even then I will likely bump an elbow and go off course. Lol! But how I appreciate such God given talent! When I first attended back a few years ago, most of the youth were super quiet and would hardly talk, even about their art. Watching and listening to them as they interacted with me during this visit gave me a much better understanding of how they felt accepted and appreciated here at OIM.

Looking at the evening through their eyes, another fun night with no judgements and no hesitation. Just paint, pencils, pens, and the creative thoughts that flow from them. I love how we can provide such a welcoming place. I loved watching their God given talents come alive.

~Elizabeth, Office Administrator

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