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Sasha’s Story: Episode Six, Outreach

Sasha’s Story is an 8 part series running until December 24. To listen to the audio backgrounder from CHRI radio, click   Episode #6 Outreach

(Editor) Sasha has a big heart and has given herself over to helping others: others that you and I could never reach.  With a heart of compassion and careless abandon for her own safety and well being, Sasha does outreach:

I remember when I asked for socks and you gave me ONE pair.  I didn’t want ONE pair of socks, I wanted a bag of socks. Three bags!  I took those socks to people under the bridge and along the river that your teams would never get to. 

I met a little girl new to the streets, who was sleeping under the bridge.  She was 13 or 14, and guys found her and were sending her out to work the streets for them.  She had just started when I found her.

I was under the bridge with her when he came for her.

I told him he couldn’t have her. 

I stood in front of him between him and the little girl, and said NO. I took a beating, but he left and didn’t take her.  I hid her that night and worked the streets myself to get some money.  The next day, I took her to the bus station, bought her a ticket, gave her all the money, and sent her home. 

She’s home now.

She was just a kid. I don’t even remember her name.

We do not receive on-going government funding for our programs, but instead rely on the generosity of people who care, just like you.  Why not make a special Christmas donation to help us continue our youth street outreach program.  Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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