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Team Work

Each week OIM, as do many other companies, holds a weekly staff meeting. This allows us to connect with each other and to be aware of what each department is working on.

A couple of weeks ago, we had an impromptu meeting where we gathered around a laptop and together, we assisted one of our own. As we gathered, it reminded me of those that come to our door and call our office for assistance.

For quite a few of our street friends, we have become their team where they know they can connect with others and get the assistance needed. There are times that assistance is just a friendly face, a smile, a brief conversation, and maybe a little bit of food. Some come to us just to connect with someone.

How honoured we should be!

When Jesus talks about doing for the least of these, he isn’t just talking about providing food or clothing. Jesus is talking about providing that smile, providing that hello and showing another person that he or she matters, above all else.

Who will you assist today??

~Elizabeth – IVOS Support

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