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Thank God for Chocolate…

I started OIM last year in April and it has been a very unique experience. I remember one night we did outreach on Tuesday. The group and had finished Rideau and was heading bank to OIM. We saw a few people that night, but when reached bank and Laurier there were a group of maybe 10 and 15 youths headed towards. I was truly surprised to see them! We checked our bags to see what things we could give them. We had snacks left and I realized I had a bag of egg chocolates to give to them. To some people it not be a lot, but they were grateful. I give God thanks that I had that bag of chocolate left over. I felt that night that we fulfilled our purpose. When I volunteer on outreach night it makes me realize that we can make a little difference in other people’s life through Christ.

It is time for many miracles

Written by a  volunteer, Francine

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