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Thanks be to God

As I approach Thanksgiving I’ve been thankful for the many wonderful ways God has been using various OIM activities to help those we serve.

Here are some of the exciting things happening at OIM:

- We have over 20 people registered for the next 8 weeks of Urban Intervention Training (UIT) starting on September 27th. This is the first step for those interested in becoming a volunteer with OIM.

- Innercity Veterans Outreach & Support (IVOS) is planning to start a new monthly evening event to give our Veterans another connection opportunity at OIM.

- Many youth are looking forward to being part of the next round of the internship program. This program provides our youth with job skills training which can help them find paid employment.

- Our street outreach volunteers have been sharing many stories of how people are being cared for on the nightly Street Outreach walks.

- The purchase of 391 Gladstone Ave is progressing.

- We held another successful Summer BBQ where we were able to serve hamburgers and hot dogs to over 150 clients.

Indeed, God is working at OIM through the staff, Board members, volunteers, and donors to bless those with whom we come in contact. Each week when I visit the building and interact with people on the street, I can see clear evidence of the difference we’re making in the lives of the people we serve.

~Warren, Promotions & Events Coordinator

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