The “Hope” Key Chain

Hope necklace

     My husband and I have been doing street outreach for about 15 months now.  Last summer, we met a few street friends at a park and my husband was talking to one person, while I was talking to someone else.

     Sarah was quite drunk but we were able to have a conversation.  She thought that we were paid to do street outreach and I told her that we were volunteers.  She was amazed that we would spend our own time walking the streets and talking to people like her.  I told her that my husband and I really like coming out onto the street and meeting with people in need.

     Sarah was so thankful that she wanted to give me something as her token of appreciation.  I told her that it was not necessary.  She insisted and said that I would insult her if I did not accept.  So she went through her meagre belongings and gave me a keychain.  It was in the shape of a star and the word “Hope” was written on it.

     Hope has a very special meaning to me.  On January 1, 2014 I asked the Lord for a word for the coming year.  The word that the Lord gave me was “Hope”.  I was so overwhelmed by Sarah’s generosity and by God for His reminder of the word He gave me for the year.  I cherish that necklace because it was given with a grateful heart from a place of poverty and as a reminder that my Father in Heaven loves me and Sarah.

Written by Sandy Poskus – Wednesday Night Outreach Volunteer

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