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The Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Summer has finally returned to Ottawa. Personally, I feel it was long overdue! Having grown up in some of the cooler parts of our great Country, I have made a resolve to not complain about the heat! I also actively seek out distractions in the summer, searching out somewhere to go and get away from everything and just be and give thanks to God for all that He has provided! I need this to remain balanced.

The problem with this is that because we live in a cooler country like Canada, we do this en masse at this time of year. And at the same time as we might want to relax, the Streets come alive. During the Winter our donors help our street teams feed 50 people a day with an individual donation of 5 loaves of sandwiches. We limit the ask to 5 loaves and even so, this is a lot to ask of anyone. The challenge we have in the summer is that we often see 100 or more people a day on the streets; and our donors, like myself and many, many others, are taking time to recharge our batteries ahead of the coming winter.

Our street teams go out for an average of 3 hours a night. If they have to make sandwiches ahead of their walks, the three hours can turn into five or six. Right now, we have a special need for sandwich donations to feed our friends. Please feel free to call OIM or visit our Meal Train Website(s) to choose a day to help us reach our goal of having a sandwich for everyone we meet on the street.

~Brian – Volunteer Coordinator

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