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Time Can Make The Difference

Sometimes giving up a few extra minutes can make a huge difference in the end. Often we tell ourselves," I just don’t have time". Sometimes we might need a few extra minutes for a project, sometimes it’s a traffic tie-up. Many of us get so easily frustrated - especially with traffic.

Recently I had quite the eye opener. On a particularly busy day, my phone rang. When I saw the number, my immediate thought was “I don’t have time right now”. You see, I knew the number was from one of our street friends who would often call just to chat. I really like him, but my thoughts went to how much work was before me and how much I had to do before I could call it a day. I had only an hour left before closing.

When I answered I was immediately greeted with what no one wants to hear. “Elizabeth I can’t handle it anymore”. What? So, with the pressure of work now immediately out of my mind, I sat at my desk and we spoke for about 10 minutes. Everything was going wrong. Gains that he had worked so hard for had disappeared; housing he was just about to get, he was about to lose. He sounded so dejected. So heartbroken. His solution for his day`s end wasn’t what I wanted to hear. He had called to say goodbye and tell me" thank you" for always listening. Talk about an “oh man” moment! By the end of our 10-minute chat, I managed to get his suggested plan changed and persuade him there was something worth living for. His alternative was not how his day should end.

Afterwards as I bowed my head and thanked God for the eye opener, I couldn’t help but think of how both Jonah and Elijah had called out to God in their dark times. Both times God spoke gently with them. They knew they were heard. This is all our friend wanted - to be heard.

Did I have work to do? Yes. Did I have the time? I made the time. Did it make a difference? Yes.

What will be your difference today? Whose life will you touch? For every person who prays for OIM, thank you for the tender care for the helpless and hopeless.

Elizabeth, Administrator, OIM

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