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Warm toes on cold nights

Part of my role at OIM is to organize all the physical donations that we get from generous people in the community. Last week when I came into the office, I was greeted by 1107 new pairs of socks! One thousand, one hundred and seven socks represent a huge mound of socks.

The socks were donated by a local church who every year puts on a fundraiser called Socktober.

The socks were then ‘rolled’ by behind-the-scenes volunteers working in the basement, processing, sorting, and storing these donations.

The socks will now be packed in wagons by the street outreach volunteers and given out on the street.

One thousand, one hundred and seven cold wet feet will now be dry and warm.

One thousand, one hundred and seven people will now know that they are loved by someone.

My prayer is that the 1107 recipients of these socks will know that they are precious in Jesus’ sight.

~Sarah, Resource Co-ordinator

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