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What a concept!

I am constantly amazed at how those who have the ‘least’ are often the most generous.  The other day I saw great generosity between our street friends.  We run a food hamper program as part of the services at drop-in on Tuesdays.  We generally have enough supplies to be able to give something out to everyone who is in need.  As we get further down the line though, supplies get thinner and thinner.  By the end of the line, there may only be three or four items where the first of the line was able to get six or seven.  The other day, one of our friends number got called early on.  He came over to me and asked that he be allowed to trade his ticket with his friend who really needed the items more than he did.  “I know what he has in his cupboard.  I have more.”

Sharing and putting someone else above you.  What a concept.  Imagine if everyone lived according to this principle?

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