Imagine: You have lived your whole life thinking you are a ‘zero without the rim’.  Violence in your ‘home’ has forced you to leave.  The streets are as bad as your worst imaginations, but at least better than the mean drunk of a step father who beat you with a hockey stick.

Then: You become a part of a safe enviornment where you do art.  You certainly are not an artist by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, but guess what? People you don’t even know, talk to you about how interesting your creations are, how they stir their imaginations, ask what the story is behind the art… and you are launched into a new realm of existence where suddenly, you are a person.

This is not a far stretch of the imagination!  One of the kids in the show came up to me and with absolute amazement in her eyes, told me that someone bid $100 for one of her paintings.  Low and behold, that person was right beside me at the time!  It’s enough to change a life!

Unexpected outcomes: Relatives of the kids came and bid on the art pieces!  Pe