Of Moose and Men…

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned about driving: your car will follow your eyes. That is, when you’re driving, you keep your eyes on the road ahead (while occasionally darting them from side to side in order to make sure you’re aware of potential hazards). Without having to necessarily think (consciously) about adjusting the wheel, keeping your eyes on the road will keep your car on the road – like magic. If, say, a moose steps out onto the lane, one of the worst things you can do is stare at the moose. You need to recognize the moose for what it is, but then turn your eyes to the way around the moose and drive past it. If you stare at the moose in front of you, odds are pretty good you’ll hit it. Further, if you just slam on the brakes, your odds of hitting the moose also increase: with the brakes locked you lose the ability to steer. The best thing you can do in a car when confronted with an obstacle in your path is to identify it, and then look in the direction you need your car to go, and focus on driving around it.

So, given that OIM is not known for its Motor Trend car driving and safety tips, why bother trotting out this little chestnut? So it is on the roadway of life. Many of us, when faced with an obstacle, spend all our time obsessing it. How can I overcome it? What is the risk it carries? When will it happen? In effect, we grip our steering wheel tightly and attempt to stare down a moose in our lane. We are then are shocked when we plow right into it.

Some of us, when f