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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”  ― Benjamin Franklin


Mentorship is one of the most important components of the P4Y program. Each youth in the program is paired up with one of the volunteers. That volunteer meets one-on-one with the youth each month and they encourage goal setting and offer one-on-one support. It is not our intention to force life changes or lecture the youth. Instead, our goal is to empower these youth by helping them identify their unique strengths they each possess.

Not long ago, a new youth joined the program and I was explaining the mentorship program.

One of our long time P4Y youth was sitting near by and added her two cents to my explanation: “Basically, you get to talk with someone who actually wants to listen to you. It’s pretty cool.”

What a beautifully concise expression of the mentorship program: someone who actually wants to listen.

Each week, I am simply amazed by the mentors capacity to show the youth just how much they are worth. It’s amazing how powerful listening can be.

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